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Annville Senior Community Center



Located in the basement of the Annville United Church of Christ, 200 South White Oak Street, Annville PA, 17003 

  • Center manager: Shannon McMinn
  • Phone number: (717) 867-1796
  • Email: 

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Fellow viewers of the Annville Senior Community Center's Website:

Our monthly mailing list has grown from less than 20 people to over 80 in about one year!

I can only hope this means more people are aware of what we do here at the center and are looking forward to keeping up with the center's happenings.  However, that adds up to a lot of postage and a lot of paper.  I had several people ask for a e-Newsletter sent to them.

--Here it comes!

July/August 2017 Friendship News
September/October 2017 Friendship News

If you would be interested in receiving our newsletters and calendars via email, please send your email address to with "Add me to your e-mailing list" in the subject box.

***We are revising our Bus trip Policy for the New Year. Please check back later for more details***



Please check the bus trip policy for deposit requirements and the refund policy.  These events are designed for the senior citizens of Lebanon County. We can include people under 60 years of age, but there is a policy for this.

All details are subject to change. Please contact the senior center for the most up to date information.

Trips and event may be cancelled due to weather conditions. If this happens you will be notified if you have signed up for the trip/event.

Bus Trip Star Scale: Physical Difficulty of each trip is scored by this star scale.  If you have any questions, please ask prior to signing up for a trip. 



Limited physical activities required


Small distance walking, most of trip is seated (i.e. Dinner theatres).


Mild physical activities required


Limited walking with benches or seating available and elevators available in place of stairs (i.e. Indoor tours of museums).


Moderate physical activities required


Longer walking and/or several stairs up/down required (i.e. City tours, baseball games, annual picnic at Levitz Park).


Extensive physical activities required

Long periods of walking, many stairs, and limited areas for seated breaks (i.e. Fairs, gardens).

For additional information or answers to any questions, please call the center at 867-1796 or visit us – we are located at 200 S. White Oak St., Annville, in the basement of Christ Church United Church of Christ.

Please check with the center when payment for any trips you are interested in is due, as this varies.  Also, we ask that all people going on a trip, to please be at the pickup area 15 minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart.

Thank you for your cooperation in these matters.


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