Adult Probation
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Adult Probation
Collections and Disbursement
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Lebanon County Probation Services
Lebanon County > Adult Probation
Our Mission is to provide for the safety of the community through effective
supervision of offenders and to enforce Court ordered rules and regulations in order to
assist offenders to successfully adjust to a crime-free lifestyle by providing positive and
proactive guidance for the offender.
Office Hours:  
Monday through Friday - 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Mailing Address:
Lebanon County Adult Probation
508 Oak Street
Lebanon, PA  17042
Additional Directions:       
Located 3 blocks east of the courthouse on Oak Street 
Phone Number:
(717) 273-1557
Fax Number:
(717) 273-9378
Department Head:
Adult Unit Contact Information:
Deputy Director:
/Institutional Parole Unit:
General Caseload Field:
Specialty Caseload Field Unit:
Collections and Disbursement Unit:
Junvenile Unit Contact Information:
Deputy Director:

Sally Barry, Director
Audrey Rakow, Deputy Director
Michele Marshall, Supervisor III
David A. Wendel
Jamie Dishong
Suzanne Miller
Sue Christner