Criminal Justice Advisory Board
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Criminal Justice Advisory Board
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Mr. John P. Shott
Criminal Justice Advisory Board Planner/Grant Coordinator 
Phone: (717) 273 – 1557 ext. 177
Fax:    (717) 273 – 9378
Generally, the third-Tuesday of every even month is the date LCCJAB meetings are held.  Meetings are approximately 2 hours in length and are open to members of the criminal justice community, invited speakers and accepted guests. 
Please contact the Criminal Justice Advisory Board Planner if you wish to attend a meeting and/or to present a topic for consideration to the Board.  
Meeting Minutes or Summary
Please click on the date of the meeting for which you wish to view the Meeting Minutes or Summary.  A Meeting Summary is posted instead of the Minutes until the Minutes are approved by the LCCJAB.    

2007 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes

10/16/2007  12/18/2007

2008 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary

2/19/2008 4/15/2008
6/17/2008 *8/19/2008
10/21/2008 12/16/2008

*No Minutes are available for this day because a Strategic Planning Retreat was held in lieu of a regular LCCJAB meeting.    

2009 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary

2/17/2009 4/21/2009
6/16/2009 8/18/2009
10/20/2009 12/15/2009 

2010 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary

2/16/2010 4/20/2010
6/15/2010 8/17/2010
10/19/2010 12/21/2010

2011 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary

*2/15/2011  4/19/2011
 6/21/2011  8/16/2011
 10/18/2011  12/20/2011

*No CJAB Meeting will take place in February, 2011 due to the Center of Excellence Mapping Process occurring earlier in the month.  This Process is being held in lieu of the February CJAB Meeting. 

2012 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary

8/21/2012 10/16/2012

2013 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary

2/19/2013  8/20/13
4/16/2013  10/15/2013


2014 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary

 2/18/2014June Minutes.pdf         October Minutes.pdf                                  

 4/15/2014August Minutes.pdf     December Minutes              


2015 LCCJAB Meeting Minutes or Meeting Summary        

February Minutes