APPRISE Volunteers

Volunteer Counselors

Our volunteers are the heart of APPRISE. They double our capacity to help Lebanon County’s Medicare beneficiaries. More importantly, our clients appreciate compassionate and caring assistance from their peers and neighbors. Without the help of our talented volunteers, we would not be half the program we are today, and we are extremely grateful for their contributions and dedication.

APPRISE volunteers can help in a number of ways based on their skills, interests, and time commitment. Our training program is flexible enough to allow for different levels of commitment, and we appreciate any amount of time you can give.

Key Duties

  • Achieving and maintaining a current knowledge in Medicare and related topics.
  • Coordinating and providing office support
  • Educating the community about Medicare and recent changes to Medicare health insurance
  • Providing unbiased, accurate, and timely information
  • Submitting accurate and complete documentation of volunteer activities for program tracking and reporting purposes

To begin a rewarding experience, contact

To begin a rewarding experience, complete the volunteer application below and contact Mike Yakum, APPRISE Coordinator, at (717) 273-9262 and he will guide you through the process.