Nursing Home Transition / Money Follows the Person

Nursing Home Transition/Money Follows the Person is a program for individuals 60+ with disabilities who are currently residing in a skilled nursing facility. It is a program that offers the consumer an opportunity and assistance to make the transition from a skilled nursing facility back to the community with supportive services.

Assistance in this program starts with identifying the consumer’s needs and informal supports such as family and friends so that the consumer can return to the community safely. The support continues by coaching the consumer and their supports through the many barriers between the nursing home and their return home. Once the consumer moves out of the nursing home, the consumer is supported with home and community based services.

Funding by the Department of Public Welfare and the PA Department of Aging has been set aside to provide for this program. This is in an effort to balance long term living choices so that more consumers may choose to live independently in the community with supportive services. The funding may be used for such things as a security deposit on an apartment, home modifications for accessibility to their home, essential furnishings and other moving expenses.

To qualify for Nursing Home Transition/Money Follows the Person through the Lebanon County Area Agency on Aging, a consumer must be 60 years of age or older and be able to either live independently or with informal support, direct their own care plan and handle finances and legal matters.

Call the Lebanon County Area Agency on Aging to setup an appointment to see if you or your loved one qualifies for the Nursing Home Transition Program at (717) 273-9262.