Photo Gallery


Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission 1981.
Historical Marker on display in front of the Lebanon County and City Building.


Lebanon County and City Building
400 S. 8th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042-6794


The County Commissioners' Office personnel affix this seal on documents such as ordinances, proclamations, resolutions, contracts and agreements of the County which makes them become official documents.

Lady Justice image

This original gold-plated statue of "Lady Justice" once stood atop the former Courthouse which was located at 8th & Cumberland Streets, Lebanon, PA.
Lady Justice now graces the lobby of the Lebanon County and City Building.

Courthouse Bell image

The Courthouse bell, original from 1816, once rang from a tower at the old courthouse.
Depicted on the plaque is a picture of the old courthouse.

Courthouse Lampost image

The Courthouse lampposts are original from 1818. On Thursday, October 23, 2003 the lampposts and bell were rededicated to Lebanon County Government.


Monument Park
8th & Chestnut Streets
Lebanon, PA


Gov. Dick Tower at Clarence Schock Memorial Park
Mt. Gretna, PA


Environmental Education Center at Clarence Schock Memorial Park
Mt. Gretna, PA


Representatives of DCNR, Game Commission, Clarence Schock Board, and Local Municipal Officials toured site to review recommendations for the Clarence Schock Memorial Park, Mt. Gretna, PA
Gov. Dick Tower can be seen in the background