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Effective November 1, 2021, the Lebanon County Correctional Facility’s lobby will be closed from 10:00pm to 6:00am.
During these hours, the foyer of the facility will remain open so that the incarcerated individual’s friends and family may deposit money in the kiosk for commissary, phone and tablet usage.
The Lebanon County Correctional Facility can be contacted by the general public, county agencies and other law enforcement entities 24/7 at 717-274-5451 ext. 5406 or 5413. There is also a doorbell in the lobby for the public to ring if they are in need of assistance

The Lebanon County Correctional Facility is a 5th Class county prison and a short-term confinement facility. As a 5th class county prison, we are mandated by the Minimum Standards and Operating Procedures for Pennsylvania County Prisons set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Department of Justice and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

CorrectionalFacility.jpgThe goal of the Lebanon County Correctional Facility is to maintain custody of inmates for the duration of their incarceration. Rehabilitation is stressed and everything possible is done to return the inmates to the community as a productive citizen who has paid for his or her crime and will not return to the criminal justice system as an offender.

Inmates are housed in the Lebanon County Correctional Facility who are sentenced by the court to no more than five (5) years, less one day. Sentences of five years or more MUST be served in a State Correctional Institution. Although we are a county facility, we do house inmates from state and federal systems. These state and federal inmates are returned to the Lebanon County Correctional Facility to make court appearances and are transferred back to the state and federal systems when their court appearances are completed. Our facility is also utilized as a community treatment center for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

As a county facility inmates are committed right from the "street", directly after the offense is committed. A State Correctional Institution receives inmates who have already been confined in a county facility, and receives background information on the inmate. Lebanon County Correctional Facility does not have the "luxury" of choosing which inmates we want to accept. We MUST accept all persons who have legitimate criminal charges lodged against them, or who have been sentenced to prison by the court. When inmates are confined directly after a crime has been committed it poses problems because many are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

The Lebanon County Correctional Facility has a number of rehabilitative programs. Work Release, Detail, Drug and Alcohol Programs and an excellent educational program is available to all inmates to aid them in their return to society as productive citizens. Jubilee Ministries provides religious programs for all interested inmates, as well as personal counseling for the inmate and his or her family.


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Lebanon, PA 17042

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Tina Litz Warden
Michael Ott Deputy Warden of Operations
Rebecca Davis Deputy Warden of Treatment
Claude Mease Director of Security
Ray Arnold Director of Work Release
Scott Richmond Director of Training