Treasurer's Office

The Lebanon County Treasurers Office is responsible for the collection of the County Real Estate Tax. It acts as Tax Collector for all the City Wards (1-10) and City District 36 plus the following Boroughs: Cleona Borough, Cornwall, Jonestown, Mt Gretna, Myerstown, Palmyra, Richland and the following Townships: Annville, Bethel, Cold Spring, East Hanover, Heidelberg, Jackson, Millcreek, North Cornwall, North Annville, North Lebanon, North Londonderry, South Annville, South Lebanon, South Londonderry, Swatara, Union, West Cornwall and West Lebanon.

The County Treasurers Office is also responsible for the collection of the Lebanon City Taxes and for the collection of the following Municipal Taxes: Annville Township, Cleona Borough, Cornwall Borough, Palmyra Borough, Richland Borough, East Hanover Township, Heidelberg Township, North Cornwall, North Lebanon Township, North Londonderry Township, Myerstown Borough, South Annville Township, South Lebanon Township, South Londonderry Township, Union Township, West Cornwall Township, Jonestown Borough, West Lebanon Township, Swatara Township. Also as of 2017 our office started collecting the Lebanon City School District bill for West Lebanon Township residents ONLY!

The 5% Lebanon County Hotel Room Rental Tax is also collected and administered by this office.

In addition to collecting and depositing all monies due to the County, and maintaining the records of the various savings and checking accounts, the County Treasurer is also responsible for investing with PLGIT, Invest and Certificates of Deposits.

The County Treasurer's Office issues the following licenses: Bingo, Small Games of Chance, Dog, Fishing, Hunting and Antlerless Deer, and also the Provisional Firearms Permit. 


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Office Hours:
Monday through Friday - 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Mailing Address:
Lebanon County Treasurer
Room 103, Municipal Building
400 South 8th Street
Lebanon, PA 17042-6794

Phone Number:
(717) 228-4420

Fax Number:
(717) 228-4462

Department Head:
Sallie A. Neuin, County Treasurer

General E-mail: